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I am one of ten, so you may see why I would like to work with children. I wasn't always sure as to what profession I would like to join but for the past couple of years it has became apparent that I want to work with children I am applying for the listed courses as I have very much enjoyed and found satisfying the experiences I have had working with children in my life so far.

I feel that becoming a teacher will fulfil my dream of being able to aid children in learning things as well as assisting the staff that work with me Primary English Personal Statement.

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Confidence and good communication skills have continuously helped me to interact well with people. Having had many jobs that involve contact with the public, I feel this has allowed me to better these skills through situations that have sometimes challenged me I became interested in teaching whilst raising my own children As an Early Childhood Studies graduate I feel achieving the Early Year's Professional Status is a natural progression in my career in order to become a competent and professional practitioner.

I view the opportunity to gain the status as contributing to high quality practice and raising the standards in the Early Years and making a difference, with the children's holistic development at the centre, enabling them to reach their full learning potential I am a hard-working, responsible, friendly girl with a strong passion to pursue a career in primary school teaching.

I believe that to become an excellent teacher you must have a desire to assist children in the learning process and this is one quality which I feel I definitely possess Psychology and Education Personal Statement. Childcare, as well as Psychology has fascinated me in all aspects of my school education and this motivated me to enter 6th form; the A levels that I took were based around the mental development of young children My interest in young children first began my niece was born while my sister was still living with us.

On a daily basis I would help care for the baby and I gained a large sense of my responsibility over those four years Primary education Personal Statement. My ultimate goal is to become a primary school teacher.

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I have a fondness for children and believe that they can be taught valuable life lessons during their time in primary school in addition to the content of the National Curriculum I first realised that I wanted my future career to be based around working with children completely by accident. I had started a college course which wasn't right for me, and had left during the first year High school personal statement. My name's Lan and I'm a year-old student from Vietnam. It's time for me to go to Gymnasium now and I found Kungsholmens to be the ideal school for me.

I just came to Sweden for more than half a year so I don't have much experience about schools around here but I've heard many good comments about Kungsholmens Gymnasium and it's said to be one of the best school in Stockholm that has IB program which I'm choosing to study in Gymnasium A big passion of mine involves anything remotely creative.

I have numerous creative outlets such as card making, jewellery making or even something simple as designing a new house in computer game. My main outlet thought is food Physical Education Personal Statement. The pursuit for higher levels of educational development has largely transformed the educational value orientation of the general public.

The educational model that is centered on the cognitive and intellectual instruction has been seriously questioned. Greater attention has been devoted to the cultivation of well-developed personality and to the ontological status of the individual in education. Such issues as the internal studies of education science, scientific decision-making in education, and meta-education have also been increasingly emphasized upon.

There have also been innovations in educational research methodology. The tendency has been to combine modern technology with humanistic research categories and with naturalistic research categories, and to organically integrate qualitative descriptions with quantitative descriptions. It is also important to carry out educational experimentations in which educational predictions are complemented by educational feedbacks.

Both the complexity of education and the complexity of human individuals have made the comprehensive application of diverse educational approaches necessary. Those new horizons are what fascinate me.

Master of Arts, Higher Education Administration

The reason why I apply for the University of Massachusetts at Amberst is that it is the first state university with a time-honored history. The School of Education in this university is quite prominent among its counterparts in the field. I am particularly attracted by the School's powerful pedagogical resource, vibrant intellectual atmosphere and a comprehensive curriculum. I plan to apply for a degree program in Instructional Technology or Educational Psychology, both of which enjoy unparalleled academic reputation in the world.

My application for Instructional Technology is motivated by my strong interest in the application of modern science and technology, especially the information technology represented by the Internet, in the field of education and in the nature of a series of revolutionary changes resulting thereof. Instructional Technology is a new discipline that has emerged as a result of the rapid development of modern communication technology since the late 20th century.

It has tremendous potential for development and commercial application. As for my motive in selecting Educational Psychology as another possible area of specialization in my degree program, it is my long-cherished interest that primarily counts. On the other hand, all the accomplished educators since the 's have been well-versed in psychology. Almost every important new educational theory is derived psychological findings in one way or another so that educational psychology has subsequently developed into a fundamental subject for the science of education.

The tendency in the 21st century is to emphasize on the micro research of educational activities and against this backdrop educational psychology will be attached greater importance. Someone's daughter. Someone who had possessed enough hope to pack an extra set of clothes for his or her trip east. For the first time in my short life, I realized that the things that had happened before I came into existence mattered. The people who had lived before me mattered. And they mattered profoundly. Before that trip, history was simply one of many subjects I had to study in school, facts and dates to memorize for tests.

But passing through the railroad car changed the way I thought about history. It changed the way I thought about the world. History became that stack of suitcases—the hopes and dreams and actions of people who may or may not have had a chance to tell their stories. Several years and three majors in college would pass before I decided to dedicate my life to studying the subject. Even though I knew history mattered, making it my career choice seemed so impractical. But after two years as an undergraduate, floating from major to major, I signed up for a history class to fill out my schedule: "Germany since ".

Something clicked for me during that class. All the uncertainty I had about my possible career paths melted away. I knew I wanted to be a historian. I wanted to be a teacher. History wasn't impractical—it was vital. A few things have changed since I made that decision.

Chapter 4: Sample Personal Statements and Application Essays

I'm no longer specializing in European history. Now my research focuses on American history, specifically the modern South. I know that I want to spend the rest of my life telling those stories, and I've chosen to focus on the modern South because that is the world in which I grew up—I have a connection to this region and its past. I want to get my doctorate in history so I can deepen not only my understanding of the lives and events gone by, but deepen the understanding of others as well.

Perhaps what fascinates me the most is why the South seems at times to be a separate entity, set apart from the rest of the country. Why is this? And does this mythology reflect reality, or is the South more American than it likes to think?

Writing the Personal Statement

What does it mean to be southern? What does it mean to be American? How are the two connected? And how have the answers to these questions changed over time, especially since Reconstruction? I think reactions to accepted norms can provide crucial insight into a broader social framework. My thesis touches on this topic: I am researching the development of offshore oil drilling in Alabama in the s and the resulting environmental protests.

Not exactly known for having an aggressive record of environmental protection, the state has historically prioritized jobs over conserving its natural resources—yet the process of approving offshore oil drilling took almost a decade. How did that happen in Alabama? The writing sample I have submitted is the genesis of my thesis, which is currently under revision.