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I certify that the intellectual content of this thesis is the product of my own work and that all the assistance received in preparing this thesis and sources have been acknowledged. This includes use of citations and quotations. If your thesis contains material you have previously published, an authorship attribution statement, outlined above, may be included.

This defines research misconduct and breaches of the Code related to plagiarism. You should only use this form to send feedback about the content on this webpage — we will not respond to other enquiries made through this form. If you have an enquiry or need help with something else such as your enrolment, course etc you can contact the Student Centre.

What is the Point of a Dissertation?

University home. Current students. Staff intranet. Type to search Search. All content. Prepare your thesis. There are also certain formatting and referencing requirements that are outlined below. Proofreading and editing You can use an editor to prepare your thesis for submission. For creative work, make sure this information is included when it's presented for examination. Composition You will find information on thesis formatting and specific word limits in the below policies and procedures. Thesis title and abstract The following upper limits apply to your title and abstract content: thesis title: maximum characters, in title case not uppercase.

Authorship attribution statement If your thesis contains material you have previously published, you need to discuss an authorship attribution statement with your supervisor and submit this statement as part of your final thesis submission. Such a statement typically appears in the frontispiece of your thesis.

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Example: Published material distributed through the thesis This thesis contains material published in [citation]. Attesting your authorship attribution statement You and your supervisor need to attest to an authorship attribution statement under the Thesis and Examination Policy and Procedures pdf, KB.

The following are suggested: Example 1 In addition to the statements above, in cases where I am not the corresponding author of a published item, permission to include the published material has been granted by the corresponding author. Student Name, Signature, Date Example 2 As supervisor for the candidature upon which this thesis is based, I can confirm that the authorship attribution statements above are correct.

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Statement of originality You need to include a statement of originality, usually placed after the title page, for example: This is to certify that to the best of my knowledge, the content of this thesis is my own work. Related links Thesis submission. Research skills for HDR students. A thesis statement is: A specific claim or main idea that your essay argues, supports or explains Usually 1 to 2 sentences long Stated somewhere in your introduction.

If you're not sure which type of thesis statement you need, or which type of essay you're writing, please see Types of Thesis Statements for more information. If you're still not sure, contact your instructor. What is the topic you want to write about?

What is your main opinion on this topic? What is the strongest reason supporting your opinion? What is another strong reason supporting your opinion? What is one more strong reason supporting your opinion? What is the main argument against your opinion?

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  • What is a possible title for your persuasive essay? Drafts should not simply be copied and pasted into documents. Sample 2: Thesis Statement with Reasons - This model states your claim and the reasons that support your claim which you will discuss in your essay. Sample 3: Thesis Statement with Cause and Effects - This model states the reasons causing the circumstances of your claim.

    Sample 4: Thesis Statement with Concessions and Reasons - This model states a major opposing viewpoint, as well as your claim and reasons. Although some might argue that , the reason is because , , and. What topic are you writing about? What is your research question? And remember: the stakes are real. Odds are, you're paying for this PhD unless you're one of those fortunate people getting their employer to pay, or you're working on a fully-funded PhD.

    Every semester you spend writing your dissertation is a semester you're paying for credit hours — although, granted, it's holding back your loan repayments for a little while longer.

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    Please, if you want to finish your thesis or finish your dissertation in a month, two months, or a semester, wipe all those romantic notions of the scholarly life out of your mind — they won't get the job done. Instead, think about you're trying to accomplish when you finish your dissertation. You want to:. Of these, "Make a contribution to your field" is the idealistic answer, "Convince your committee" is the professional answer, and "Get the darn thing done" is the practical answer. They're all equally important, but as you get down to the wire, you move pretty quickly from the idealistic to the practical — and sometimes, the other two suffer under the pressure to get the darn thing done.

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    This guide is about planning ahead so that you can do all three without a. Here are the steps to carry out, but fair warning — you've got to start pretty close to the beginning to make this happen. It's astonishing that students can get to the PhD level and not learn how to work smarter instead of harder. It takes some planning, but it's entirely possible, in any PhD program, to make sure all or most of your courses contribute to your dissertation.

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    How do you do that? The first step is to start the program with at least a vague idea of what you want to study for your dissertation. You don't have to have the hypothesis, or know exactly what you're going to argue, but you can know some key points. For instance, if you're in a psychology PhD , maybe you know you want to study children with autism; if you're in a marketing doctorate , maybe you know you'll want to study marketing to Latinos.

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    Make that your topic in every class you take. Obviously, there are classes you will take that don't directly relate to your dissertation topic, but your assignments will usually not be strictly prescribed; you can work it so that the research you do for your assignments in every class can also pull double duty as dissertation research. In other words, treat your PhD program like a buffalo — no part of the animal should go to waste.

    It's also perfectly acceptable to revise the papers you write for a course into a chapter, or a portion of a chapter, in your dissertation. NOTE : A lot of PhD programs, especially accelerated formats, have worked this concept directly into the design of their curriculum, and hype it as a selling point in their marketing. Just because it's not explicitly said, there's no reason you can't do it in any other program, though.

    Any strategy to finish your thesis or dissertation on time, short of paying someone else to do it, should fly.