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The SAT math section covers algebra, data analysis, as well as some pre-calculus, trigonometry, and geometry. Students who have strong calculation skills but may take more time to work through certain problems should consider the SAT.

Examination Should Not Be Abolished

The SAT might also be a better choice for students who need testing accommodations, as the College Board tends to be more liberal with their accommodations than is the ACT. Students with strong reading, writing, and scientific reasoning skills can benefit from taking the ACT. Since the reading section tends to be longer and denser, students with strong reading comprehension and recall skills can be better equipped to score well on those sections.

While the ACT also tests students on algebra, data analysis, trigonometry, and geometry, the strict time constraints favor students who are able to work quickly with the aid of a calculator, as calculators are allowed on the entire math section. Both Tests Require Practice and Prep Both tests require significant preparation and utilization of test-taking strategies like pacing, answer elimination, selective reading, and more in order to maximize your time and scores.

At IvyWise, we offer free diagnostic exams which are administered, graded, and evaluated by our expert tutors for both the SAT and ACT as part of our college counseling and test prep programs. In reality, schools want the best of the best and the students should want to attend a school with such high standards.

When person is determined to reach their goal a mere entrance exam will not stop them from moving forward. Entrance exams are not a burden, They help weed out the people who are not qualified to go to that school. If they let just anyone go to any school, then there would be ne reason to go to a better school for a better education. Entrance exams are needed. By using this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy and our Terms of Use. Google Search.

Post Your Opinion. Create New Poll. Sign In Sign Up. Add a New Topic. Are entrance exams a burden? Exam is a burden for a student.

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Thankyou Report Post. Like Reply. Maximum words. Report Post. It is totally fair and square People here argue that students are committed to sucide, Let me inform them that it's not the test which force them to do so but it's the fear of failure, Moreover parents and teachers torture the students to attain good grades.

So it is the attitude of the society towards education which should be changed, Not the enterence exam Report Post. Related Opinions Should all u. S citizens get a college education Should public high schools be able to punish high school boys who refuse to join sports because of the lack of players on a team? Are AP classes overrated?

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