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Try any remaining AP Exams I have given you. Study with a friend; ask one another questions. Sleep well Sunday night!

Look at the remaining AP Bio Tests answers will be distributed. JBS Home Page.

  • AP Biology - Animal Behavior& Communication.
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Science Department. AP Bio Links. Here is where the assignment for this day would be listed. If you stumble here in the summer, feel free to peruse chapter 1 Class 3 Chemistry for Biology Use the periodic table Binder pg. Insert Dividers into binder See above box for pages on units Look thru Binder just to see what's there. Optional: Don't let this happen to you! I'm here to help! Much of the Biology content of the course will be discussed in class and your text will serve to help explain that content in another way.

You may read the content before or after class; you will never have a "pop quiz" on a night's reading but sometimes you will be expected to be ready to discuss the reading in classs. Animations 5.

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Labor Day. Test Essay Discuss the biological importance of each of the following organic compounds in relation to cellular structure and function in plants and animals. Include how the structure of these molecules allows them to carry out these functions. Proteins c. Do other levels too. The last sentence in italics is mine; it's not part of the original question. If you'd like to hear another point of view, listen to a presentation a second time, like to review orally, or need to make up a lesson becaue of an absence, then these Bozeman videos are for you.

Peter Raven's site has numerous short animations on many topics we study. Class 1 Pass out new Spring Binder; keep fall pages handy at home. Over the next 3 weeks you will be using nearly all of thse techniques and will become much more familiar with them. Class 2 Meselson Stahl Experiment Binder pg. Animations - GOOD! Jump to Specific Units by clicking below:.

Campbell's Biology in Focus , 3rd Edition, published in Sections indicated from the syllabus are from this text. Students need not bring their texts to class unless specifically asked to do so. Students can also access the text online. Use the text as a resource to explain the topics discussed in class and lab. Study guide to accompany Campbell's Biology in Focus , 1st edition. Specific sections from each chapter will be noted on the syllabus.

In addition, students will find a wealth of study aids on the website that accompanies Campbell's Biology in Focus.

AP Biology Investigative Labs published by the College Board plus numerous addtional labs described in handouts in the class binder. Updates to the first edition are available here. The HHMI guide to statistics is extremely helpful. Students will also be writing formal lab reports and data analysis on most of their investigations. Syllabus Canvas. Students will use the syllabus below for both daily and long term asssignments.

Due dates and specific details may be adjusted during class. Reading assignments should be completed before class, although "pop quizzes" will never be given. Some students find reading more helpful after having heard discussion of the topics. The textbook should be used as just one of many available resources to help clarify concepts.

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Often a short minute video clip or two is offered to present the content in addition to the text. These binders should be brought to class and lab everyday. They contain diagrams, handouts, worksheets, lab descriptions, practice problems, and other useful materials for the efficient flow of class. Students should add their own notes directly to this binder. Binder Pages as PDFs.


AP Biology - Animal Behavior& Communication

Here are just a few resources with current articles about biology: Science in the Classroom from the Journal Science. Welcome Back!! If you stumble here in the summer, feel free to peruse chapter 1. Text 1. No School. Essay The unique properties characteristics of water make life possible on Earth. Select three properties of water and: a.

Audiobook: Cracking the AP Biology Exam by Princeton Review Staff

For each property, describe one example of how the property affects the functioning of living organisms. Remember to work on your seed germination lab report. Transport in Plants ppt Optional: simulation for the effect of temperature on the rate of transpiration with a new technique to measure transpiration -. Write the answers to the following in your study guide Ch. The videos section of the resurces provides links to videos that either are short snippets on individual concepts, or they are minute presentations on a larger topic. RadioLab NPR has a fun and interesting segment analyzing why small cells like sperm and bacterium need special adaptations for movement.

Start now making some flash cards -- remember -- you will benefit from making your own flashcards! Continue making flashcards with tomorrow night's reading. Practice Labeling typical Cells Binder Finish up Transpiration Lab Due Oct 3 by finishing your conclusion, three line graphs, one bar graph, and a data table for the three line graphs.

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Week 7: SEPT. Try Water Potential Sample questions Binder pg. Print before you come to class. Look at unit objectives. Come with questions for your test. Objectives for Unit 2. Text 6. No School: Yom Kippur. No School: Report Writing. Try Energetics ppt 8. Review Overview of Cellular Respiration.

Write Essay outside of class and bring to the test. Objectives for Unit 3;. Monkeys sometimes drag around branches or wave them. Some animals bury their teeth or growl. All of these behaviors are shows of aggression, although, they may not result in actual physical violence. If an individual defends its territory against another individual, the animal that has been warned off is likely to stay away. The territory has been defended, and then, this gorilla may not be bothered by another gorilla that it has warned off through this behavior.

Dominance hierarchies are essentially a pecking order. In this case, individuals in a group of animals behave according to a certain ranking.

Big Idea 1: Evolution

The higher ranking animals are able to dominate individuals with a lower ranking. The result is that the higher ranking animals have first access to food, territory and get the most fit mate. The next social behavior is territoriality, and this is the defense of a geographic area. And this defense can be by an individual or against other individuals, or a group can defend its territory, as well.