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You move the writer in the acceptable direction and can discover a process of expressing a thing. You need to start by examining the subject of the work and taking a place to run with. The nurse theorist and other scholars furthering the development of the nursing practices are considered to be cultural creators of nursing.

What Makes a Good Nurse? Experts Reveal What it Takes

They are also seen as contributors to the larger movement towards science within the society. Nursing as a science is the most obvious form of. The ability to be a satisfactory nurse heavily relies on the understanding of medical terms and procedures. For instance, a relatively new doctor may treat a diabetic patient for symptoms.

A nurse working under the new doctor may have previously worked with diabetic patients extensively and immediately known since the patient did not have in infection, they could easily provide the patient with food to raise his or her blood sugar.

Nursing As A Discourse Community Nursing Essay

The science aspect of nursing — understanding the effect of glucose — is displayed as the nurse obviously had more sufficient training in understanding the symptoms of the patient. Nursing has empowered and transformed situations with the clients towards favorable health changes. Hildegard Peplau, a great psychiatrist and nursing theorist, outlined the three components of nursing as an art.

They are product, medium and the process.

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The product facet of art involves the enhanced operation of the client, which might not include observable outcomes. The process entails the interactions initiated by the nurse as he moves to the end point. The process might also involve the application of practical or technical skills.

An example is that of a patient at the hospital, who is a fugitive of the law or ought to be a witness.

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When a nurse travels along with the patient to offer assistance when required, the nurse must be equipped to offer the much needed care to the patient. Similarly, it is artistic how the nurse interacts with the patient. The situation also depends on the type of care given to this patient that will see to his recovery. The crafty way that a nurse quickly and efficiently administers care is an art form that must not be taken for granted Masters, Improving the Professional Nursing Environment Nurses should realize the reality that their job is about the balance of the art and the science of their methodologies.

This process will broaden their mind on the methods of inquiry needed to nurture patients and improve the field of nursing. Integration of the science and art facets can result in an expert revelation of further discovery and advancement in the practice of nursing worldwide. This hiatus has hindered the practice of nursing for quite some time but provided a link between nursing theory and practice, this gap can be sealed. Another element that is artful is practiced in a reflective way through the enriched knowledge of self-caring, meaning that many nursing neglect the care of their own mental and physical health for their sake of their patients.

These actions give way to burnout, fatigue, confusion and depression — all of which characteristics are detrimental to the nursing process. The health care environment, in its entirety, must be more inviting to change and more sympathetic of each facet employee involved in the magic of medical care. For these reasons, the major influences necessary to improve the nursing field are flexibility and open-mindedness, balance and constant evaluation.

Changes in Nursing: The Last Half Decade In the last five years, I have realized that much of the nursing I do centers around patient contact and communication. I recall a night in the ER when a man was transported to the hospital for disorderly inebriation.

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The staff soon learned that he was in town for a funeral and was a part of the Witness Protection Program. The police immediately decided to transport the patient due to the possibility that the hospital could be put into danger. I remember speaking to the police and advising them that it was not in his best interest to be transported. However, the police insisted he must be transported.

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The art of nursing was displayed as I knew the patient would feel secure and at ease knowing a professional is with him. Power can produce changes in work place and quality of work for best result in health care environment. Nurses have power to discuss new policies and plan.

Introduction to the nursing profession

They can speak about right and wrong in practise and share their ideas to benefits clients care. Power also can be use to improve skills and knowledge of working group. Nurses can exercise their power by educating to patients and their families in order to achieve better health and make changes in their power. Secondly, nurse can use power effectively by changing behaviour of colleagues by introducing new policies and plans. Nurse can improve their performance in their profession by getting training which will improve their good practice Tomey, Nursing managers use their power to make changes in organizations by evaluating staff in order to reward and punish them.

Nurses use power to share information and work as experts in nursing field.

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Nurses use information and reasonable power to promote health. Empowering everyone in this field, prevent conflicts and other unsatisfactory behaviour in the work place. Moreover, empowerment provides independence to make decisions for health worker in their field Yoder- Wise, Nurses should always use their power to be trustworthy health care providers because power makes a relationship of trust between nurse and client.

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  • In other words, nurse can effectively use power strategy to motivate others to connect and collaborate to achieve professional goals Huber, In conclusion, leadership is a process to influence others by some characteristics to make change and achieve common goal in profession. Seven key characteristics like integrity, self esteem, communication skill, power, balance in life and observation, are very important for nursing leader because by these characteristics a leader can impact strongly on others and feel more confident to motivate others. Honesty and vision to know opportunities create trust among staff, client and leader which is important to improve health services for better care.

    In nursing field power of a leader and nurse creates changes in others to get success for the implementation of plans and improve knowledge by training. Appropriate use of power in nursing, plays a vital role in managing difficult situations in decision making. If you are the original writer of this essay and no longer wish to have the essay published on the UK Essays website then please:. Essays Nursing. Essays, UK. November All Answers Ltd. Copy to Clipboard Reference Copied to Clipboard. Related Services View all.