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  1. How to Answer the Interview Question: “What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?”
  2. Aubrey's Essays for English Class: 7th Grade: My Greatest Accomplishment
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Also, if one is more structured and formal, make the other more casual or even playful.

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If you write about your passion for architecture in one essay, maybe write about your obsession with spiders in the other. I hope this makes sense. Remember, these essays are all about giving you the opportunity to show you colleges something about you that the admissions folks would not learn from other parts of your application. Since the UCs require two essays, they are giving you two places to tell them something about yourself—so make sure to take advantage of this opportunity to show TWO different parts of what make your unique.

Do you think my ideas link and that my essay is on topic? Any advice or things to look out for would be much appreciated.

Thank you! I really like your idea. And it also will reflect on your values. Good stuff! I plan to write about the fact that I am a first generation college student, and as a result I am very self-disciplined and a determined individual. Is there any way that I could make this work? Is that appropriate for this essay?

2. How to Tell Someone About Your Greatest Accomplishment

Hi Savannah, I totally think so. The trick for the essay is to talk about his death, but to quickly focus on how it affected you, and changed you. I was wondering if writing about weight issues is a good idea I lost about 50 pounds in two years? Should I write about something more academic instead? Could you guide me to tell and especially show this accomplishment in the essay?

Could you specify what I should do in each paragraph? Hi JR, I wanted to know, would it be relevant to talk about an internship I did in a garment factory in India this past summer. And how it broadened my horizons on how business in India works and how the day-to-day life of a poor laborer is.

How to Answer the Interview Question: “What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?”

Basically this internship made me realize how much struggle and hardships are put into making clothes and other products we American consumers use everyday. And this internship also made me embrace my own Indian culture even more as I was able to understand and see my culture and heritage first hand living in India for 2 months. For the first one I am writing about how cancer has made me who I am today, as my mom passed away from it about a year ago.

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But how do I separate the two essays? Thank you so much! Do you think its necessary to title your University of California essays? Hi — thanks for the awesome information. The experience really moved me, and made me realize how lucky I am to live here…but also made me appreciate the diversity I encountered. Your trip could make a good essay, but you must focus it on something specific that happened.

If you just write in a general way about your trip and what you did and who you helped, it will fall into the world of overdone, cliche topics. The essay must be about you, so think about one quality you developed during that trip and think of one incident or moment or experience that happened while you were there that involved that quality.

That will give your essay focus and give you something meaningful to write about. Best of luck! My advice would be to only write about the extra curricular passion in only one of the essays. Use the other essay as an opportunity to showcase something else about yourself. For example, if one is more serious, consider writing the other with a more lighter tone or topic. Or if one is about your passion for singing which is an interest or talent , consider writing the other about your background or a personality trait. The idea is that you balance them out by choosing different elements.

If you passion is football, I definitely would not make both topics about football. Would either of these work for this prompt? Which do you think would be better. I saw how different society was there than the always busy Los Angeles, California that I live in. Does my name count as a personal quality?

I was wondering if I should write 2 different anecdotes for the two UC personal statements. I worry that it will seem like some sort of gimmick if I do it twice. Would that be a problem? I would highlight how I am a very analytical person and can find the silver lining in it. Another option would be the fact that I took AP lang and comp as an exchange student to the USA, and it was really hard because i could not speak english well. Then I passed it with a 5, which was a great accomplishment for me. Or even how I was pretty terrible in english in middle school, but in high school I worked hard and improved greatly.

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Aubrey's Essays for English Class: 7th Grade: My Greatest Accomplishment

As a professional writing coach, I help students, parents, counselors, teachers and others from around the world on these dreaded essays! Learn about my in-person and online tutoring, editing, workshops, books, and online courses, Facebook Twitter. Read about how to answer them HERE. This entire blog has advice on how to write these. Yes, you have to pick something—and get specific. Generality is essay death! Pick one core quality. Pick one experience. Just pick one thing! See if this video from the UC Admissions Department helps. That part is left up to you, as far as I can tell.

Greatest accomplishment in life essay

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JR Reply. Anxious Senior on October 28, at pm. Hi Diocelyn, Read my posts on Jumpstart Guide, Finding Topics and other posts—all will help you learn what make great topics and where to find them.